Agenda of events
All webinars begin at 12 PM CT

Dec 2

Mitigating climate change through the soil carbon sponge

Walter Jehne- Director of Regenerate Earth
Didi Pershouse- Founder of the Land and Leadership Initiative

Can we focus on building carbon back into soils as a way to prevent erosion, flooding and drought? What other benefits might we see by rebuilding the soil carbon sponge? Walter Jehne, an internationally recognized microbiologist, climate scientist and Director of Regenerate Earth and Didi Pershouse Founder of the Land and Leadership Initiative and author will share findings from their research and experience. You’ll hear practical solutions and interesting insights on the role we play in implementing best practices to create an improved soil carbon sponge to restore hydrology and safely cool our planet.

Dec 9

Edge-of-field water quality data and how it can help us in a changing climate

Amber Radatz- Discovery Farms Wisconsin
Rick Adamski- Wisconsin Beef Farmer
Brock Olson- Minnesota Corn/Soy Farmer

 Extreme weather conditions are becoming more of an expected norm in our weather forecasts. Discovery Farms edge-of-field monitoring stations are continuously capturing new data from extreme rainfall to less memorable precipitation events. Join this webinar for a mix of Discovery Farms data and farmer testaments as to why we need to focus on the changing climate for the future of farming.  

Dec 16

Latest resources on soil health

Troy Daniell- NRCS, Minnesota State Conservationist
Cristine Morgan- Soil Health Institute

Interest and expertise are on the rise when it comes to soil health. Hear from invested organizations about what they know right now about soil health. Troy Daniell, Minnesota State Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Cristine Morgan from the Soil Health Institute will share the best ways farmers can measure and learn about soil health in their fields. 

Jan 6

Groundwater protection rule and how it effects farming and N management

Larry Gunderson- Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Greg Klinger- University of Minnesota Extension
Chris Clayton- Wisconsin DNR

Minnesota enacted the Groundwater Protection Rule as a part of the Minnesota Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan. Larry Gunderson from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will give an overview of the rule and how it is being enforced in Minnesota. Chris Clayton, WI DNR will share the current state of N management in Wisconsin. This webinar will also feature how the new rule has impacted Minnesota farmers in areas that are subject to restrictions. 

Jan 13

Tile drainage in Minnesota and Wisconsin: what we know from on-farm monitoring and practical management implications for farmers

Tim Radatz- Discovery Farms Minnesota

Discovery Farms has monitored tile flow on more than 100 site years of agricultural fields in Minnesota and Wisconsin. This webinar will give a regional overview of flow characteristics including when, how much, and nutrient content of agricultural tile drainage water. We will also feature farmers that adapt management practices for best results in tile-drained fields.

Jan 20

Rules and tools about manure

Dustin Goering- NOAA
George Schwint- Minnesota PCA
Paul Daigle- Marathon County, Wisconsin Conservation, Planning and Zoning

In this webinar, representatives from Minnesota and Wisconsin will share the latest tools that help farmers spread manure safely and appropriately according to the current standards and guidelines. Regulations vary by county, so it’s important to learn where to look when manure decisions are being made. 

Jan 27

Applying skills we've learned

Erica Gentry- Discovery Farms Wisconsin
Timothy Griffis- University of Minnesota
Matt Ruark- University of Wisconsin-Madison

The last webinar in this series will help us apply some of the topics discussed in previous webinars to your farm management. Three lightning talks will kick off the webinar followed by discussion rooms. Prepare to participate and share your experiences in this webinar!